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Veeco creates process equipment that enables technologies for a cleaner and more productive world. We design, manufacture and market thin film equipment aligned with global trends, such as energy efficiency, mobility and the internet-of-things. We develop highly differentiated, best-in-class equipment for critical high-tech performance steps in thin film processing.

Veeco’s proven MOCVD, lithography, laser annealing, ion beam and single wafer etch & clean technologies play an integral role in producing LEDs for solid-state lighting and displays, and in the fabrication of advanced semiconductor devices. With equipment designed to maximize performance, yield and cost of ownership, Veeco holds technology leadership positions in all these served markets. Veeco operates in 10 countries with approximately 1,050 employees worldwide.

Our Mission

Growing, depositing, etching and processing thin films is our core competency. Cutting-edge systems and components support energy efficiency, mobility, consumer electronics and network storage applications. Our process equipment enables the manufacture of LEDs, power electronics, advanced packaging, MEMS, wireless chips and optical system components. Our technology leadership includes MOCVD, MBE, IBE/IBD and advanced film process technologies.

Our Vision

Veeco provides process equipment solutions that drive tomorrow’s technology breakthroughs today. We help customers make products for a more productive world and a cleaner and sustainable environment. We are a dynamic, innovative and high-growth company recognized as the best in the markets we serve.

John Peeler - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Since joining Veeco in 2007, Mr. Peeler has led the transformation of Veeco into a high growth, technology leader in LEDs, Advanced Packaging, MEMS and Data Storage Process Equipment markets. Through his strategic focus and operational excellence initiatives, Veeco’s market share, customer satisfaction and shareholder value have grown dramatically.

Mr. Peeler spent his early career in engineering, marketing and product development in the communications test equipment industry. He became President and CEO of TTC in 1992 where he built the company into a global communications test equipment leader. Through organic development and a series of acquisitions, he evolved the company to become Acterna Inc. which became the largest global provider of field service communications test products. Acterna was acquired by JDSU in 2005 and became its largest and most profitable business.

Mr. Peeler earned a BS and MSE in Electrical Engineering and graduated with high distinction from the University of Virginia.

Veeco Certified Equipment

Veeco now offers Veeco Certified Equipment for markets such as LEDs, MEMS, magnetic sensors, power electronics and more. This service provides fully refurbished and tested, pre-owned Veeco systems for a wide range of industry-leading technologies, including MOCVD, IBE, IBD, PVD and MBE. Additionally, we offer brokerage service that brings together buyers and sellers of MOCVD and data storage equipment. Equipment comes backed by Veeco’s additional guarantee for quality and service.
UltratechAs one of the world’s leading suppliers of low-cost, high-productivity capital manufacturing equipment, Ultratech brings vital imaging and processing capabilities to the semiconductor and nanotechnology market segments. The company’s broad product portfolio includes laser processing equipment for advanced annealing, photolithography steppers for advanced packaging and HBLED lithography, inspection systems for inline wafer monitoring and ALD equipment used in research for a variety of applications. Each product family has been tailored to meet specific applications or market requirements, while delivering the technical leadership and cost-effective system performance customers have come to expect from Ultratech.
GaN MOCVDTurboDisc EPIK 700 GaN MOCVD System for LED Production Combines Best-in-Class Yields and Highest Productivity to Lower LED Manufacturing Costs. Veeco’s award-winning EPIK® 700 MOCVD system is the LED industry’s highest productivity MOCVD system that reduces cost per wafer by up to 20 percent compared to previous generations. Available in one-and two-reactor configurations, EPIK 700 features breakthrough technologies, including the new IsoFlange™ center injection flow and TruHeat™ wafer coil that provide homogeneous laminar flow and uniform temperature profile across the entire wafer carrier. These technological innovations produce wavelength uniformity to drive higher yields in a tighter bin. EPIK 700 offers a 2.5x throughput advantage over other systems due to its large reactor size.
Precision SurfacePrecision Surface Processing - WaferEtch. An Innovative Solution for Wafer Processing, featuring TSV Reveal. Precision Surface Processing's single wafer wet etch technology enables uniform selective etching on multiple process levels, free of cross-contamination. Etch uniformity better than 1% is routine. Whether for advanced packaging or FEOL/BEOL wet etches, WaterEtch™ systems accomplish the highest yield process at the lowest manufacturing cost. When etch structures or films are needed in the active, backside, and/or bevel areas, WaferEtch systems are a proven technical solution.
GEN10 MBE SystemThe GEN10™ MBE System is the most economical, flexible cluster tool system in a proven platform, allowing for up to three configurable, material-specific growth modules. This enables high system utilization, allowing multiple researchers to use the system at the same time and perform unattended growths and calibrations. This, combined with Veeco components technology, are key factors in why the MBE community is choosing the GEN10™ MBE System, no matter what the application.
SPECTOR-HT Ion Beam Sputtering SystemSPECTOR-HT Ion Beam Sputtering System for Optical Coating. Ion Beam Optical Films at Physical Vapor Deposition Rates. Produce the highest quality optical thin films with improved levels of productivity and throughput with the award-winning SPECTOR-HT™ Advanced Ion Beam Sputtering System. Building on the proven performance of our SPECTOR® family of ion beam systems, the SPECTOR-HT system offers excellent layer thickness control, enhanced process stability and the lowest published optical losses in the industry.
Precision Gas Mixing SystemPrecision Gas Mixing System. Improves Gas Mixture Concentration for Higher Production Yields. Veeco’s Precision Gas Mixing System generates gas mixtures with improved concentration control for tighter process control and higher yield. Active control of mixture concentration compensates for changes or drifts in upstream concentration. For example: out of a 1 percent dopant premix, the Piezocon Precision Gas Mixing System can generate a 50ppm dopant gas mixture with a ± 0.5ppm or better concentration control, tank to tank and over the shelf life of the tank.
NEXUS IBD Ion Beam Deposition SystemNEXUS IBD Ion Beam Deposition System. Ideal for Hard Bias, Lead, Insulation Layer and Sensor Stack Deposition. Data storage manufacturers can dramatically increase yield of 80Gb/in2 sensors, as well as meet the demands of future TFMH device fabrication with Veeco's third-generation NEXUS® Ion Beam Deposition (IBD) System.
NEXUS CVD Chemical Vapor Deposition SystemNEXUS CVD Chemical Vapor Deposition System. Conformal Metal Deposition Process to Enable Next-Generation TFMHs. In response to the market's need for a conformal metal deposition process to enable a new generation of TFMHs, Veeco successfully developed the NEXUS CVD Chemical Vapor Deposition System. The NEXUS CVD is a great example of Veeco's alignment with data storage manufacturers' technology roadmaps. As part of the NEXUS family, this system can be integrated on a common hardware and software platform with complementary Veeco technologies, such as ion beam etch, ion beam deposition and physical vapor deposition.
  • Extended Warranties Extended Warranties
    Extends warranty coverage with similar warranty-like features. 5x8 labor + Non-consumables included.

    Also available upon request is an adaptive pricing option to provide flexibility with changes in tool utilization.
  • Parts on Demand Parts on Demand
    Inventory planning and management for defined list of parts positioned near the customer (typically parts needed to minimize tool downtime due to parts delays). Certified parts and labor delivered at standard lead times as available - Only on-time ship to lead-time commitment for parts.

    Discounted pre-paid 'block of hours' labor rates available. Weekend coverage and expert access are available at extra fee.
  • Productivity Improvements Productivity Improvements
    System upgrades are available to reduce cost of ownership, provide higher productivity through increased tool uptime and reduce downtime and process development cycle time. Located in Shanghai, China, Veeco's China Training Center (CTC) is committed to providing the industry's best-practice training on Veeco MOCVD hardware, software and process.

    Our state-of-the-art facility features fully equipped classrooms and a TurboDisc® K465i™ MOCVD System for hands-on training. The CTC is fully staffed by local, highly trained Veeco instructors and offers a full schedule of training classes.
  • Target Customer Target Customer
    Comprehensive service that improves tool productivity (eg. Supplier Dependent Uptime), enhances process performance (eg. Yield) and optimizes Cost of Ownership (CoO). Service includes parts and labor (7x24 or 7x12) for Corrective Maintenance/Preventive Maintenance. Industry-first predictive analytics capability included.

    Upgrades included as needed to meet performance. Annual Cost of Ownership reduction included.

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